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As a property styling business in Melbourne, we have become accustomed to unique requests and artistic interpretations of personal and business spaces. We style over 400 properties every year and treat each project as a labour of love. As a result, we have a diverse range of art, accessories and furniture within our collection. We source premium products and elegant accessories to fit your design and styling aesthetic, to appeal to the potential buyer or investor. 


While we understand deadlines and budget constraints, we try to work around these with each individual client. We offer styling packages designed to meet your furniture hire needs. Though we offer 6, 8 and 10 week rental agreements for your campaigns, we also have flexible and affordable pricing solutions should you require to hire furniture for an extended period of time.

With our knowledge and experience in the interior decorating industry, we can help you with all your property styling and furniture hire needs.

If you contact one of our interior and design styling specialists for a free consultation, we will be able to advise you on what furniture would best suit your specific campaign. If it is your aim to fill a room for a specific purpose or advertorial display, then let us help you out. Not only are we aware of what is trending, but our team of stylists have a firm understanding of fashion trends in the interior styling industry.

Contact us right away and let us help you with your campaign. We aim to achieve the highest possible sales price by creating a unique space that elevates your property value above that of your competitors.